About me

This web site has over a hundred breathing practices to improve health and wisdom. The workshops I offer are based on yoga –Indian and Tibetan heritage- , on the Far East traditional energetic cycles, and on some other cultures and knowledge that cared about the wellness of the coming generations and about humanity.

We stand today to transform discord and cultivate harmony with the pulse of earth. But to come into resonant with life itself we need to learn about our own nature as a machine that follows some basic rules, and as humans that share primordial instructions to live together, and with other forms of life and phenomena. I like to introduce you to some unique techniques that will benefit you in all ways. Some are really ancient. The workshops I love to share with you are unusual for many people, for most of them are saved from falling apart in memory. Many of them are related to breathing exercises, and oriental practical philosophies and healings, and there is a lot to share with people who love animals. If you are ready to use the most subtle methods to recover energy, memory, health, self-esteem, wisdom, service etc… welcome to this area of intelligence.

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